Anna Bogatin Ott

Unique Digital Works

Anna Bogatin Ott’s digital work is made from photographs of nature and the environment, especially from those of sunsets, sunrises, water surfaces of the ocean and rivers, and more recently the surface of the Moon or Mars as captured by NASA. In making these works Anna searches for the perfect pixel line in a photo that would create an image just as powerful and evocative as an object in a photo, or the moment when the photo was taken. Her art making is a spiritual activity that celebrates the balance and harmony found in nature, which is being expressed through the universal language of abstraction.

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Martin Venezky

The New Machinery

For his Series, “The New Machinery,” Martin Venezky starts from breaking down the act of seeing into small units. He uses scavenged metal, glass, and plastic to produce thousands of small material and light studies. When he pins these abstract prints into overlapping compositions, the elements either dissolve into each other or become dissonant adversaries. Content forms in the relationships between the parts, as they build into logical, narrative constructions which, when translated back into digital form, become flattened, stylized images— a photographic science fiction cobbled together from discarded utilitarian parts.


With Emmanuelle Namont 

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