MAR 16 - MAY 7, 2022


I am inspired by the ephemeral quality of the Earth’s landscape, from the built structures to the subterranean layers that comprise the planet. I explore the intersection of chemistry, the environment, and imagination, engaging material play, conjuring wonder and awe as well as environmental urgency. With glowing colors and shifts in scale, my work calls into question what is real and what is imagined. I construct miniature urban landscapes that are alive and evanescent, and use photography and video to capture their evolution.

For my Ground Waters series, I create miniature scenes and flood the tiny environments with a solution that grows crystals over a period of days/weeks. As time passes, the crystals engulf the sculptures, transforming them into otherworldly spaces. Within the series, each experiment yields unique imagery that, at times, specifically references the landscape. In other instances, the materials reveal a more abstract environment that only suggests the invisible forces at work around us.

In addition to my still photographs and time-lapse videos, I also create large-scale, site-specific works within the series, which enables me to manipulate —even further—the perceived scale of my sculptures. The effect evokes a fantastical space in which viewers can immerse themselves. My most recent projects use augmented reality and other interactive technologies, inviting spectators to take a more personal approach to the art, and closing the gap between artist and viewer.

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